Our story

We believe that better work creates better everyday life. We as employees, as citizens, as organisations… must constantly deal with dualities. The tangible and the abstract. The macro and the detail. The context and the individual needs… To be successful we need to answer both. We believe most leaders want to act in an ethical way, deliver customer value and eliminate silos. People fundamentally want good. That is why we created TG. A new operating model to foster collaboration for remote work, distributed teams

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Driven by our values

A Holistic Wellbeing

Being present and accepting - mindfulness, knowing our own fears, being at peace with ourselves and not feeling like we have to pretend. No ego trips. Zen-approach. Taking care of physical, mental, interpersonal, spiritual, … yep.​

Taking accountability

Our own success, development, commitments, life, behaviour, results, living the culture. Be a director.

Always learning

Curiosity, open-mindedness, innovate, see failure as learning opportunities​.

Human to human

Respect that we are different and value different things; each of us on different paths - we falter, we make mistakes, we care about and support each other.​

Making a positive impact

We aim for the betterment of our customers, their customers, societies, families, and individuals. Humanity First thinking.​


The foundation on which all else is built.​

We believe


People are at the core of any successful organization


In open and transparent communication 


In an inclusive organisation culture


Everyone benefits when their work is meaningful to them