What we offer

Improve your business agility and performance with our solution built around modern leadership methodology

Insights & Pulses

Understand how people feel and think

Pulse and one-off insight gathering from employees. Understand how people feel, how the strategy resonates, what engages them, what challenges to tackle. Our preselected topics get you going in no time, or you can tailor the questions and topics to your situation. Expert analysis and recommendations based on modern people-oriented leadership philosophy.

A screenshot of the Insights & Pulses functionality in the Tangible Growth tool.
Strategy and Change communication

Communicate strategy and change transparently

Employees can find all the strategy and transformation program related statuses, communication and management updates easily from one modern place – available even on the go on your mobile phone. Strategy one-pager shared with everyone. Send updates & notifications right away, and get instant feedback how the message resonated with everyone.

A screenshot of the Strategy and Change communication functionality in the Tangible Growth tool.
Common Understanding

Build common understanding across the organization

Guide leaders and managers of the organization in how to make the strategy tangible for their teams. See which teams have interpreted the strategy into daily work, and how. Identify which teams need help and encouragement to better understand the strategy. Perfect blend of digital and analog – bringing you visibility where normally you’ve had to assume.

A screenshot of the Common Understanding functionality in the Tangible Growth tool.
Objectives management with OKRs

Goal and objective setting

Objective = Where to go, qualitative, direction

Key Result = Quantitative, outcome based, to see if we are making progress

To Dos = tasks and projects how to get there Benefits Create alignment on goals

Create Clarity & Focus Improve Continuous Learning Create Transparency & Accountability Accelerate Results.

A screenshot of the Objectives management with OKRs functionality in the Tangible Growth tool.

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