Create the mindset and culture

Change in thinking leads to 
change in leadership leads to lasting change

It’s difficult to push transformation through your organisation if people aren’t ready or don’t understand the change. Improve their change capability and set outcome based targets to manage the change. Continuously improve foresight, agility and the change capability of everyone – it’s the key to long term success and survival.

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You need to

To ensure any change or transformation will last, you first need to create a culture of change and an open mindset.


Awareness is built through communication


Asking good insightful questions directs thinking, builds and expedites understanding and enables people to internalise the message.


Buy-in usually happens when people feel they have had a chance to influence, be heard, and have been understood - even if they don’t get their way.


Commitment comes when people have a say in how to both approach and make concrete plans to achieve goals.

We need to think that the ones we compete with are the ones we should collaborate with

“What should organisations do to adapt, survive and thrive in a state of constant flux and rapid change? Great communication fosters great collaboration. The unavoidable transformation to an empowered organisation starts with great employee communication. ”

Whatever change you’re looking to actualise - you first need a culture of change

Our approach works with several models, such as Managing Complex Change Model, ADKAR, etc. You will find the elements and tools in TG are widely usable regardless of approach, as long as you believe in the power of people and wisdom of the front line troops.

Enablers needed


We need to think about the change on an individual level in a systematic and contextual way.
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Enterprise agility

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Strategy clarification and better execution

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Design thinking

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Customer Centricity

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Board owner, private equity transformation programs

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M&A integration success