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Main features

  • OKRs

  • Individual Insights

  • Common Understanding

  • Digital Facilitation

  • Context Sharing

  • Matrix organization support

  • HR masterdata integration

  • SSO

  • Customized transformation canvases

  • Tailored onboarding experience

  • HR Integration

  • Compliance on contractual level (ISO27001)

  • Enterprise SLA

  • Dedicated Transformation Lead / Customer

  • Success Representative

  • Separate Docusigned Contract

  • Invoicing based on multiple cost centers

Upcoming features


  • Slack and Teams integrations


  • Slack and Teams integrations

  • Multiple Cadences in OKRs

  • Semantic topic analysis and 
management recommendations

Support and rollout


  • Web support

  • Additional support available at hourly fee


  • Email, phone and web support

  • Training and onboarding for named executives and champions

  • Named Customer Success representative

  • Transformation execution planning support

IT and legal considerations


  • Enjoy the same level of security our enterprise customer get


  • GDPR compliant

  • ISO27001 compliant

  • SSO

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