Transformation Model & Canvas

From Purpose to Impact - driving tangible growth using our app built around a modern transformation model and Objectives and Key Results methodology

We help companies become more purpose driven and better at adapting to the continued speed of change - being able to increase the clock speed if you may.

Often the purpose of the company as well as the strategy is quite broad and it's difficult for employees to understand the link between their daily actions and how those impact the lives of the customer - especially when the companies are increasingly going through numerous transformations at once and the ones that seem to keep succeeding over and over again.

"Our company is guided by three deeply held beliefs: that brands with purpose grow, companies with purpose last, and people with purpose thrive. Unilever CEO"

There are distinct challenges that have been researched time and again that keep companies that grow in size to fail at keeping the purpose of the company and the priorities reflected in people's daily lives.

Our aspiration is to help companies, teams and individuals grow and thrive.

We combine a transformation model and digital tooling, as well as executive sparring and planning help to succeed - method alone will not scale, digital alone will not transform.

The Transformation model™


Purpose as a means of looking at what kind of impact the company aspires to have on their customers’ and stakeholders’ life.


Strategy and scenario work to make well-informed choices to maximize the impact of the purpose in the long term, as well as drive shareholder value.


Transformations as the means for the organization to move from where they currently are towards where they want to be. Examples of transformations are typically the bigger shifts in operating model, capabilities, must-win battles, turnaround projects.

Context Sharing

Communication and context sharing as a means to share and combine all the transformations under one umbrella and tell: why the changes are necessary, how they affect our customers and employees, what are the other things that were considered, what are the most important focus areas, etc. Here storytelling works wonders.

Common Understanding

Common Understanding to ensure that people have a similar idea of what the chosen direction means in daily life and immediate focus on unit and team level - what are the learning objectives, changes in behavior, things to learn and do differently. Making the often-abstract change understood in a similar tangible fashion by everyone.

Individual Insights

Individual Insights as a means to collect feedback, thoughts and sentiment from employees on how they are adapted to the direction, what concerns and clarifications they have, or to seek guidance in rapid decision making to let people influence and give their views before a decision is made.

Objectives & Key Results

Objectives and Key Results as a means to keep the engine running with a short-term execution focus – with the amplified understanding of what needs to change – defining the winning outcomes for the coming 12 and 3 months. This part of the model has been covered in detail also elsewhere and has been made famous by companies such as Intel, Google, and many more.

Using this 2-way feedback loop of interconnected activities to drive forward the transformation, we turn into digital reality the emergent strategies and highly autonomous agile organizations -> executing from purpose to impact.

OKRs have been widely adopted for instance at Google, Facebook, Intel, Amazon, and most tech startups needing business agility. Even traditional industries are starting to adopt and see benefits to moving to this model.

Transformation model

The Transformation Canvas®


Using our transformation canvas it becomes easy for executives to break down complex organizational change and transformations to identify things that need attention as well as be able to communicate the context well and find outcomes worth striving for.

The canvas has been well received by most c-suite executives and seasoned transformation leaders, as well as people less experienced with leading change. It helps direct the thinking and bring attention to areas that typically cause transformations to fail.

We are happy to share the canvas with you and you can contact us for a quick sparring session on how to best utilize it for your transformation.

Bringing it all alive with our digital tooling

We have built an enterprise-grade SaaS app that enables companies to run their increasing number of transformations and bring clarity into execution every day for every employee in the company - significantly increasing focus, agility and efficiency of meeting your business goals. The combination of our transformation model and digital companion app are the foundations of building and maintaining high execution culture.

Transformat canvas