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How modern leadership, OKRs and TG app propelled Elcoline to 20% organic growth and new market entry.

A case study of our collaboration with the Nordic contracting and maintenance company Elcoline

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Having grown through multiple acquisitions Elcoline sought to unify its leadership style and increase transparency with the help of OKRs to support future growth. To achieve this, they partnered with us. Through a joint definition of the starting point, TG used its Transformation Canvas® approach to guide discussions with each member of the Elcoline leadership. This resulted in clear objectives and key results (OKRs) steering Elcoline towards its desired trajectory.

About Elcoline
Elcoline is a Nordic contracting and maintenance company employing 600 people in Finland and Sweden.

Key outcomes

The adoption of OKRs represented a significant change in thinking and working practices, necessitating the cultivation of a culture of transparency, coherent and consistent working practices, and a participatory environment. TG helped Elcoline adopt a step-by-step approach to focus on one quarter and sprint at a time, supported by an internal champion and daily reminders of the new ways of operating. The successful implementation resulted in a 20% organic growth rate and 50% overall growth in 2022.

With the first 4 weeks

Clarified status quo and refined objectives

With the help of individual coaching and following our Transformation Canvas® approach we were able to align the Elcoline leadership team on where the work would start and how OKRs should be refined.

With the first 10 weeks

Rollout of the Tangible Growth application

The rollout of the TG tool was started in the very first phase of our collaboration. This enabled Elcoline’s teams to learn new ways of working from the start. After 10 weeks, the application was in active use across three different teams.

Over 20% organic growth in key business metrics in 2022

Thanks to the increased transparency of cross-team work, clarity of objectives and the real time view into how the organization was progressing and where support was needed – all brought in by the TG app – Elcoline was able to reach their objectives faster and prevent unnecessary work. This resulted in a 20% organic and 50% overall growth in 2022, including entry into a new market, Sweden.

“The feature I use the most in the TG app is the leadership team view of the ongoing quarter as well as the status of our key results. These help me to understand how we are achieving our strategic goals and whether support is needed somewhere.”

Leif Backman
CEO at Elcoline

Photo of Leif Backman

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"TG helped us not only as a tool but also as a knowledgeable coach. Together we were able to dissect even seemingly impossibly big objectives into numeral, concrete and achievable goals.”

Leif Backman
CEO at Elcoline

Photo of Leif Backman