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November 12, 2021

A new way to view your teams 🔭

A new way to view your teams 🔭

Trying to find a certain team in your organisation or just exploring how other teams are doing has been a bit tricky, we know, we’ve experienced the same. That’s why we are excited to annouce a new feature Views! You can now view your whole organisation and see how your teams, and virtual teams, are doing from the same place.

Just click on the Views from the navigation menu and you'll be able to view your organisation chart. You can also list your teams in alphabetical order or use the search to find a specific team if you are in a a larger organisation.

Is there something we forgot to add? 🤔 Something that would make looking for teams even easier? 💪 We'd love to hear what you think!
Just drop us an email at or start a chat directly with us.

Other updates:
  • Context Sharing: added a confirmation dialogue to avoid accidently deleting context cards
  • Teams view: you can now add Objectives directly from the team view without having to go to the Objectives section

October 15, 2021

Insights are now available for teams!

Insights are now available for teams!

Ever had a need to gather Individual Insights from only your team and not your whole organisation or transformation program? It's now possible to ask Individual Insights from just your team! 🔥

In short, a new tab is visible on the Team pages that brings the Insights feature to single teams - the questions asked here will not cascade to the teams below. All the same functionality as for Insights in Transformation Programs is available.

How it works

  • Only the team members and the team lead can answer to insight surveys for a team
  • The team lead, the lead of any team above that team or Change Managers can create Insights Surveys for teams
  • The team lead, the lead of any team above the team, Change Managers and members of said team can view the results of a survey

If you want to learn more how to use Insights within your team, read up from our support pages: or contact us at

October 14, 2021

New production release (2021-10-14-96)

New production release (2021-10-14-96)

New Functionality
  • OKR - Add possibility to remove parent link: Added support for removing the parent link from an Objective
  • DFAC - Support viewing history of sessions: Added support for fetching more than the last 10 Digital Facilitation sessions
  • Context Sharing - Support for undoing accidental deletion of Context Card elements: Added support for undoing deletion of a context sharing deletion. After deleting an element from a card, a snackbar is shown for 10 seconds with a button to revert the deletion.
  • Context Sharing - Increase image # limit to 50: Increased limit of images in a Context Sharing page to 50
  • Admin - Support UTF-8 files with BOM in CSV import: Added support for UTF-8-BOM files to the CSV import to directly support the format Excel exports

Bug fixes
  • SSO - Unprovisioned user is stuck unless they logout
  • Fixed issue where an unprovisioned user would see the unprovisioned page after returning to TG even after having been provisioned. The unprovisioned page now automatically logs the user out after 10 seconds, when the user is provisioned they will have to log in again and the app will load normally.
  • Organization - Cannot delete root teams in matrix organizations
  • Fixed issue where teams in matrix organizations that were at the "root" of the hierarchy could not be deleted without first moving them under another team.
  • OKRs - Fetching related Objectives fails when opening an Objective panel from Team pages
  • Fixed issue where the related objectives would not be loaded when an Objective panel was opened from the team pages
  • OKRs - The timeline chart shows "All good" for teams/users with no OKRs
  • Removed the chip for teams/users with no OKRs
  • OKRs - Opening link to the panel of a deleted KR leads to an infinite loading spinner
  • Fixed issue where opening a link to a KR that had been deleted would get stuck on a loading spinner.
  • General - Chosen language is reverted on logout
  • Fixed issue where the chosen language would be forgotten after logging out.
  • DFAC - Session list stuck on loading spinner if looking at a team where the user is not a member or manager
  • Fixed issue where an endless loading spinner would be shown when attempting to view the Digital Facilitation session list for a team where the user was not a member/manager of. The page will now display a text explaining that Digital Facilitation session are only visible to team members.
  • DFAC - On large teams it is impossible to see all the participants
  • Fixed poor usability of Digital Facilitation for larger teams with a redesign of the UI.
  • Context Sharing - Cursor jumping while editing text elements
  • Fixed issue where the cursor would sometimes jump to the end of the string when editing text elements in Context Sharing cards.

June 7, 2021

New production release (2021-06-04)

New production release (2021-06-04)

New Functionality
  • Team context sharing pages: Added possibility for teams to have their own context sharing pages. Anyone in the organization can see the context sharing pages of teams, the content of the pages can be edited by the leader of the team, leaders of any team above the team in the management chain or people with change manager permissions.
  • Navigation rework: Reworked navigation to be based on contexts, whether they are teams or transformation programs.

Bug fixes
  • OKR - After editing todos directly from the OKR dashboards a page refresh is required to see changes
  • Fixed issue where editing todos directly from the OKR dashboard view would sometimes not display the changes without a refresh.