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July 19, 2023

Tips for running effective retrospective sessions

Tips for running effective retrospective sessions

What are retrospectives?

Retrospective session, retro, is a meeting with a specific structure that allows teams to spend time reflecting on a period of time or a completed project. It invites everyone to analyse what worked and what didn't, to identify improvement areas and successes. Retrospectives are key for establishing a culture of continuous improvement and learning.

How to make retrospectives effective?

The specific structure of a retrospective is equally important as having the session in the first place. With a predefined framework guiding the discussion you can ensure everyone gets heard, all perspectives are covered and documented and that the learnings are taken forward to future work.

The world is full of different approaches, templates and ways of running retros. To help you find the best one for your situation, we decided to share our favourite frameworks here.

🪁 Fly High – excellent for identifying obstacles and challenges and whether help outside the core team is needed to solve them.

In a nutshell: This framework borrows its metaphor from kite-flying experience. In it the good work that has been done is seen as the kite. Firstly, everyone documents in sticky notes what the good work has been and what is wished to be continued. Secondly, the team identifies challenges in the project and marks these as knots and tangles. The closer these are to the kite-flyer (project team or yourself) the easier it is to resolve them within the team, whereas challenges (knots and tangles) higher up or if the kite is stuck in a figurative tree, the more external help or escalation is needed.

Learn more about the Fly High framework from its creator Madhavi Ledalla here.

🇱🇱🇱🇱 The 4Ls – The 4 Ls is a straightforward retrospective technique where team members identify what they Loved, Loathed, Learned, and Longed For in a project or sprint of work.

In a nutshell: This framework divides the reflection into four different parts, as is clear from the name 😄 The idea is to document lists for each category. In the LOVED list you collects things you loved about your work and what you would love to keep doing, or do more of, in the next project or time period. The list of LONGED FOR elements describes what each person wished they would have had. Be it more resources, time, breaks, fun or feedback – all points are welcome. When discussing the LOATHED part you focus on what made you feel bad during the time period. The things listed under this title are ones that you hope to never happen again. Lastly, under LEARNED the team lists together all the learnings from both successes and mistakes.

Learn more about the 4Ls framework from the Atlassian blog here.


🧭 Ditch, Add, Keep and Improve – our version of the DAKI framework helps to identify what a team should change in their work and what each member puts more value on.

In a nutshell: This framework is similar to the aforementioned 4Ls but is even more direct with the action that follows. In our version we call the D letter Ditch instead of Drop as we feel the word 'ditch' communicates more strongly that something has to stop. By listing the DITCH items together you clarify what activities, behaviors or things decreased the project's value, by ditching them the value should increase. In the ADD list you focus on what you need instead of the ditched items or what you need more of in order succeed – this can also be related to the feelings of team work of individual motivation. The KEEP list is obviously filled with things that already work and you don't want to (accidentally) lose. Finally, the IMPROVE list focuses on what needs polishing or tweaking in order to work better.

Check out more tips for the DAKI framework from TeamRetro.


🇴🇰🇷 retros – an integral part of the OKR framework and rhythm vital for learning, improvement and strategy execution efficiency.

To help you plan and run these, we are sharing the list of recommended retro questions from the authors of Implementing OKRs – The Practitioner’s Guide for Executives, Managers and Team Leaders book, Juuso Hämäläinen and Henri Sora.

From the book: "Retrospectives, or reflection meetings, are an essential part of the end of each implementation period - and a prerequisite for planning the next phase. A retrospective should address two separate issues. One is the objectives planned before the period and the results achieved during the period. The second is the systemic behaviour of the company and its operation around the OKR model."

To guide these sessions the authors recommend starting with a set of 6 questions focusing on the objectives planned before the period and the results achieved during the period. It is useful to consider the objectives and results from at least the following perspectives:

1. How well was each objective achieved? Why?
2. Why the difference?
3. Were the objectives too easy or too difficult?
4. What can be learned from the situation?
5. Who should I give feedback to?
6. Are the objectives still relevant for the future?

The second set of 6 questions looks at the systemic behaviour and operation of the organisation around the OKR model:

1. How often did teams update key results compared to the assumption?
2. Were people present at OKR events?
3. How successful was the alignment of objectives?
4. Was it necessary to change objectives or key results during the period?
5. Did the focus remain on the objectives, or did something 'more important' come from elsewhere?
6. How do we change our behaviour in the next period?

Get your hands on the book in French and Finnish, soon also in English.

Checklist for your retrospective

No matter which framework you end up using, make sure to:

Reserve enough time for the session – it shouldn't feel rushed and everyone should have time to share their thoughts and ideas. We recommend a minimum of 60 min for small teams (max. 6 people) and 90 min for bigger teams (6+ people).

👂 Not interrupt anyone – listen to understand opinions and experiences.

📝 Document the process – you need to be able to go back to the findings.

🎬 Dedicate a facilitator for the session – this person ensures the structure is followed and that the focus stays in the challenges and problems over blaming anyone personally. This person also checks the time and is allowed to guide the conversation back to the point if it starts escaping the agenda.

🔬 Dig deep enough – to find the real reasons for successes and challenges. Asking the five why's is a good structure for this.

Check the summary with all participants – make sure details didn't get twisted in the process.

🤝 Agree on how the learnings are taken into use – how can you together make sure that the same mistakes aren't repeated in the next project, and that what worked well is utilised in the future as well?

An extra tip is to always book the time for the retro at the beginning of each time period or project. This adds accountability of actually making it happen and manages the risk of forgetting about it or having a hard time finding a time that suits everyone in the team.

April 11, 2023

Introducing Game Plans!

Introducing Game Plans!

To succeed in strategy execution and driving transformations organizations need to ensure individuals in different functions and teams know and understand why and how to execute against the organization's strategy. After securing this understanding and moving onto defining the objectives, key results and tasks, we also need a way to manage and clarify cross-team obstacles and dependencies.  

To answer to this need, we have created a new feature: Game Plans.

Game Plans are execution plans of the company strategy.

They have core elements to provide a structure and focus for teams; to build a team identity, interpret the organization strategy in a meaningful way and achieve their goals.

What can you do with Game Plans?

➡️ Provide the context for teams and departments to share how they will contribute to the organization strategy
➡️ Improve transparency by showing everyone the methods used to move towards the shared goals
➡️ Manage obstacles and dependencies across teams and departments
Provide answers to strategic questions

You can formulate Game Plans as part of your function or team's OKR discussion. They are living documents dedicated for each area of your business and reflect their current focus. In Game Plans you bring together your vision, business targets, culture and change targets into one holistic view.

Key components of Game Plans

The Game Plan feature consist of main components. By answering to all of them you can create a holistic view on what your team is doing, how and why.

  1. Vision & Purpose – provide a clear and shared understanding of your team vision and purpose
  2. Values, Drivers & Principles guide your team's decisions and behaviors
  3. Obstacles & Dependencies – manage obstacles and dependencies that require collaboration and coordination with other teams or individuals
  4. OKRs set specific and measurable outcomes that keep you focused and aligned
  5. Methods & Commitments make specific commitments that drive action and accountability and identify and define Methods where to get help
  6. Specify what you will not focus on help your team stay focused and avoid distractions

Don't yet have Game Plans in your TG?

If you want to jump on the board of Game Plans, please be in contact with TG at, we will help you get started with few simple steps.

April 6, 2023

Tangible Growth partners with HTGP

Tangible Growth partners with HTGP


Tangible Growth Oy


Tangible Growth, a Finnish company growing rapidly in international markets, enters into a strategic partnership with HTGP (HT Growth Partners), Finland's "toughest international growth team".

Announced in March 2023, the partnership will ensure supporting clients expanding from Finland to the world at the best possible level. HTGP brings to the table the experience of its core team and advisors from over 100 growth companies (e.g. Naava, KNL Networks acquired by Telenor Maritime, Moontalk, FusionLayer Inc, Sports Tracker, Sarokal Test Systems acquired by Siemens and CubiCasa), providing a platform and automated tools for top executives, as well as an attractive network for knowledge sharing, talent unlocking and meaningful work. As part of the growth toolkit, Tangible Growth, created to accelerate strategy execution and develop transformation capabilities, already has international clients such as SAP, WithSecure and Elcoline.

Together, these two teams of experts in growth and change management are creating better conditions for their clients to succeed in international markets.

"The digital platform enables our company's ideology of providing Finnish companies with the best experts in the field to share the latest business management knowledge. It enables our clients not only to go international and grow their business, but also to provide an excellent customer experience, speed of action and global service,"

said Petri Toljamo, CEO of HTGP.

"By offering our clients HTGP's robust expertise in international growth and business development, we can further enhance our value proposition. By working together with HTGP and TG, growth-oriented Finnish companies will achieve their goals faster and more sustainably,"

adds Juuso Hämäläinen, CEO of Tangible Growth.

Media Contact:

Tangible Growth Oy

Jaakko Kankaanpää  
Growth and Strategy
+358 40 564 6909

HT Growth Partners Oy  

Petri Toljamo
+358 40 180 1410
Twitter: @PetriToljamo

The Tangible Growth methodology and software are built for modern organisations wanting to fast-track their strategy execution and develop their change capabilities. The software combines deep methodological insight with advanced technology to deliver concrete solutions for managing day-to-day work in today's complex and ambiguous environments. Tangible Growth customers include SAP, Utopia Music, Flowhaven, and F-Secure.

HT Growth Partners, a leading management consultancy company specializing in a comprehensive advisory for companies with growth and internationalization aspirations


Tangible Growth Oy


Kansainvälisillä markkinoilla nopeasti kasvava suomalainen Tangible Growth strategiseen kumppanuuteen Suomen “kovimman kansainvälisen kasvun tiimin”, HTGP:n kanssa.

Maaliskuussa 2023 julkaistu kumppanuus mahdollistaa Suomesta maailmalle ponnistavien asiakasyritysten menestyksen takaamisen parhaalla mahdollisella tasolla. HTGP tuo pöytään ydintiiminsä ja neuvonantajansa kokemukset yli 100 kasvuyrityksestä (esim. Naava, Telenor Maritimen ostama KNL Networks, Moontalk, FusionLayer Inc., Sports Tracker, Siemensin ostama Sarokal Test Systems ja CubiCasa), ja tarjoaa ylemmän johdon huipputekijöille alustan ja automatisoidut työkalut sekä houkuttelevan verkoston, joka mahdollistaa tiedon jakamista, talentin vapauttamista ja työn merkityksellisyyttä. Osana kasvun työkalupakkia on strategian toteuttamisen nopeuttamiseen ja muutoskyvykkyyden kehittämiseen luoto Tangible Growth, jonka kansainvälisiä asiakkaita ovat jo mm. SAP, WithSecure ja Elcoline.

Yhdessä nämä kaksi kasvu- ja muutosjohtamisen konkaritiimiä luovat asiakkailleen entistä paremmat edellytykset onnistua kansainvälisten markkinoiden valloituksessa.

Digitaalinen alusta mahdollistaa yhtiömme ideologian, jonka mukaan haluamme tarjota suomalaisille yhtiöille alan parhaita asiantuntijoita jakamaan viimeisintä liikkeenjohdon tietoa. Se mahdollistaa asiakkaillemme paitsi kansainvälisyyttä ja liiketoiminnan kasvua, myös erinomaisen asiakaskokemuksen, toiminnan nopeuden ja globaalin palvelun”,

kommentoi HTGP:n toimitusjohtaja Petri Toljamo.

“Tarjoamalla asiakkaillemme HTGP:n järeää osaamista kansainvälisestä kasvusta ja liiketoiminnan kehityksestä, voimme entisestään parantaa arvolupaustamme. Yhteistyössä HTGP:n ja TG:n kanssa kasvutahtoiset suomalaiset yritykset tulevat pääsemään tavoitteisiinsa nopeammin ja kestävämmin.”,

lisää Tangible Growth:in toimitusjohtaja Juuso Hämäläinen.


Tangible Growth Oy

Jaakko Kankaanpää  
Growth and Strategy
+358 40 564 6909

HT Growth Partners Oy  

Petri Toljamo
+358 40 180 1410
Twitter: @PetriToljamo


Tangible Growth Oy on kehittänyt moderneille organisaatioille suunnitellun alustan strategian toteuttamisen nopeuttamiseksi ja muutoskyvykkyyden kehittämiseksi.  

HTGP on kansainvälisen kasvun strategista kumppanuutta tarjoava neuvonantajayhtiö, joka auttaa asiakkaitaan kansainvälistymisessä ja liiketoiminnan kasvussa globaalisti. 

March 14, 2023

👑 TG now integrates with Slack!

👑 TG now integrates with Slack!

This feature has been one of the most asked for in our user community and something we also really looked forward to having ourselves. 

Now with the integration you can do the following directly in Slack:
  1. View your OKRs
  2. Update and share the progress of your Key Results
  3. Receive TG notifications and mentions in your Slack


These features will help you to:
  1. Stay focused on the rights things by having your OKRs at hand –attention and focus are hard to find these days. One way to protect our focus is to make sure we work towards our goals and don't get lost in too many ad-hoc tasks. Thanks to our Slack integration it's even easier to have your goals and priorities (OKRs) at hand at all times.

  2. Discuss and share – achieved that Key Result, facing some hiccups, or needing help? Simply update and share your Key Results directly from Slack; keep the right people informed and have discussions on the platform most comfortable for you.

  3. Receive all notifications in one place – having the possibility to direct also your TG notifications to Slack means you don't need to check multiple places to stay informed and to know when it's time to check your TG app.

🧭 How to set up your Slack integration 

Check out our step-by-step guide, where we'll walk you through how to set up your Slack integration. Our guide will help you get started with integrating our platform into your workflow, so you can stay focused on what matters most.

📋 Check out our Slack integration guide!

February 20, 2023

Get more done and collaborate better with new feature Commitments

Get more done and collaborate better with new feature Commitments

Do you have big goals, but no roadmap to get there?
Do you struggle to break down your goal into manageable steps and track your progress?
Do you want to collaborate with others who share your vision and can help you along the way?

Commitments is a powerful new feature that helps you drive your goals by breaking them down into manageable tasks, milestones, and deliverables. By using Commitments, you can collaborate with others and achieve successful outcomes that create a sense of progress and momentum towards your larger goals.

Using Commitments is simple. Just ask for commitments from others, ensure everyone agrees on how to achieve the outcome, do the actual work asynchronously, and share progress updates to drive successful outcomes. By following these simple steps, you can get more done and collaborate better with others to achieve your goals.

Learn more about how to use Commitments from our support pages:

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Commitments and how it can help you achieve your goals. If you have any feedback or ideas for improvement, please let us know. And if you're interested in learning more about how Commitments can help you and your team, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at We're always here to help you drive your goals and achieve great outcomes!

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Ability to be able to filter objectives by time periods faster

  • Team lead creating a personal objective for their team members sometimes fails

  • Team is shown twice in main menu if following a team before being added to it

  • Context Sharing and Profile picture - The image rotation is wrong when uploading a photo directly from mobile camera
  • Context Sharing Card Editor: submenu drops out of viewport if item is a bottom of screen

  • Activity log - text wrapping issues
A followed team remains as an empty item in the main menu if the team is deleted

November 10, 2022

💼 New case study with Flowhaven!

💼 New case study with Flowhaven!

Flowhaven, a Finnish scale-up, was growing fast, transferring from one big team to departments, and the desire of the company was to accelerate even more. The challenge was how to grow from being founder led to being leadership team led and still maintain the collaborative company culture where everyone’s expertise is valued. It became clear that to achieve this Flowhaven would need to change their strategy execution system and they opted for implementing OKRs.

Knowing what they didn’t know, Flowhaven decided to look for a partner to ensure this change and implementation could be done with the maximum possible speed and fewest possible errors. With 
a proven methodology and supporting digital application, Tangible Growth was chosen for the task.

In our new case study we tell you how we helped Flowhaven change their strategy execution modus operandi to OKRs while honouring and strengthening their company culture and achieve the following outcomes in only 10 weeks:

🏆 Bringing alignment within the leadership team and across all other teams  

🏆 Rollout of the Tangible Growth application

🏆 Changing how strategy is created and executed in the organization

How our client describes the collaboration:

“The biggest revelation working with TG and creating game plans was the discovery of the interlocks. Of course, we ‘knew’ that no team works in a silo, but having the visibility of the interlocks, forcing us to recognize what we need from each other to be able to succeed, was eye opening.”

– Hanna Raeluoto, VP of Operations at Flowhaven

💼 Read more and download the case study here.

_ _ _

Flowhaven is a SaaS scale-up company with a mission to bring simplicity and visibility to the licensing industry. Flowhaven’s end-to-end software allows modern teams to collaborate and communicate, creating actionable insights to support business development. As a company, Flowhaven values diversity, team collaboration and growth.

October 10, 2022

October release: improved UI

October release: improved UI

We have been hard at work to improve the experience for you and we are proud to present our latest improvements to our UI

We are rolling out the new release during week 42, starting on weekend of 15-16th October 2022.

  • You will see the new UI once you login to the app. If you do not see the new UI automatically, and want to speed up the process, you can force the app to check for updates. To do this, navigate to your profile picture in the top left corner of the app and click on the version number.

Why did we update the UI?

Our aim is to provide all TG users with the best design and experience possible. We want to do this by listening to our users and following best practices. For the UI update this means:

  1. Clearer and simpler use – we focused cleaning up the navigation to raise the intuitiveness of our product. This means, using TG becomes easier and faster for you.
  2. Improved coherence – strongly related to the previous, we aimed at taking the clarity and simplicity to all parts of the product ensuring the ease of use is consistent.
  3. Faster release cycle – we have worked on improving our design library and system (the building blocks, elements and logic we use in our product), which means that in the future we can be even more efficient in releasing new features. This is a very important process improvement for our 'under the hood' machine.

Key things that have improved:

  • Your content is at focus. We have faded away our own UI to make your content shine.
  • You can now comment on Objectives and Key Results. And tag people to notify them of your thoughts. You can also use our new rich text editor to highlight your message.
  • Key Result editing has changed, you can now edit all KR values from the same Key Result view. No need to pop-out an update dialog and all the comments and context available to you. And then comment your update in Rich Text.
  • You can search for OKRs in addition to people and teams. This is awesome, you can find across your organisation if somebody is already working on something similar.
  • You can create filters in the Objectives view. And the Objectives view has been cleaned up also to contain either list or card view of the teams. 
  • The Objective Align and Chart views have been improved. Check them out, now you can see each team and Objective status more clearly under Objectives. Really useful for seeing where in the organisation somebody might need help.

That's it, enjoy the new UI! We are happy to any thoughts or ideas you might have at

We will continue to improve the UI, bring new functionalities, and work on further simplifying the solution to make it even easier to use.

August 26, 2022

Tangible Growth partners with Vere Design Oy

Tangible Growth partners with Vere Design Oy


Tangible Growth Oy


Tangible Growth partners with Vere Design Oy

Launching a digitally led joint service facilitating future-proofed business transformations

Helsinki, 26.08.2022. Tangible Growth Ltd and Vere Design Oy announced today that the companies have launched a strategic partnership helping customers in business transformation and strategy execution with a new unified and digitally led service.

This partnership enables both companies to scale their positive impact and ability to help clients in making strategic choices, bringing visions of the future into their everyday life, and building change capabilities.

Tangible Growth Ltd has developed an application built for modern organisations to fast-track strategy execution. Vere is a pioneer in business design, whose mission is to create future-proof, sustainable business for its customers. Together we can ensure our clients succeed in creating their long-term vision and sustainable strategies as well as executing them in a collaborative and effective way.

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Tangible Growth. One of the largest challenges in creating future-proof business models has always been building transformation capabilities and making sure that the required change is understood by everyone in the organization. By combining the expertise of Vere with the Tangible Growth application and methodology, we are able to offer organizations throughout different industries completely new tools for strategy execution and transformation.” says Daniel José-Hänninen, CEO at Vere Design Oy.

“We feel excited and honoured to partner with Vere in enabling more organizations to future-proof their businesses. Vere team’s expertise and offering enables our customers to get support and guidance to transform their businesses and be ready for the future. This combined with our software and methodology aimed at enhancing strategy creation, execution and building change capabilities will lead to a real competitive edge and positive impact not only for our direct clients but also for our society at large.”, says CEO Juuso Hämäläinen, Tangible Growth.

The Tangible Growth methodology and software are built for modern organisations wanting to fast-track their strategy execution and develop their change capabilities. The software combines deep methodological insight with advanced technology to deliver concrete solutions for managing day-to-day work in today's complex and ambiguous environments. Tangible Growth customers include SAP, Utopia Music, Flowhaven, and F-Secure.

Vere Design Oy is a business design pioneer founded in 2015 with a mission to create growth for its customers by combining strategic expertise, future foresight and design thinking into a stylish and functional whole. Vere's business consists of a consulting business and a community of over 1000 pioneers called Edelläkävijät.

Edelläkävijät® is a community of people interested in sustainable design and business development for the future, founded in 2020. Forerunners offers its members a wide range of future phenomena, blog posts written by experts and inspiring media from us and around the world. Members also have access to events and trainings, as well as concrete methods and tools to support their daily work.

Media Contact:

Tangible Growth Oy

Jaakko Kankaanpää  
Growth and Strategy
+358 40 564 6909

Vere Design Oy

Daniel-José Hänninen
Managing Director & Service Designer  
+358 50 339 9524  

April 20, 2022

Tangible Growth partners with Taival Advisory

Tangible Growth partners with Taival Advisory


Tangible Growth Oy


Tangible Growth partners with Taival Advisory

To launch unique strategy execution service with an integrated tool

Espoo, 20th of April 2022. Tangible Growth Oy and Taival Advisory Oy announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership which aims to solve customer challenges in transformational strategy innovation and execution with a new integrated and digitally supported service.

The partnership changes the way strategy consulting is done, and solves the typical challenges customers have in executing transformational strategies. Setting the strategic direction of a company today is more complex than ever. For this reason, Taival Advisory Oy and Tangible Growth Oy are joining forces to provide companies with the leading integrated strategy tools and services to navigate our fast-paced world and create sustainable business success. Combining Tangible Growth's strategy execution software with Taival's new approach to defining and delivering strategic change will allow companies to continuously revise and adjust the company's strategic direction and react rapidly to unforeseen changes in the operating environment.

Tangible Growth Oy has developed a software built for modern organisations to fast-track strategy execution. Taival Advisory Oy has created a strategy service that guides customers to create and execute sustainable and transformational strategies with a practical approach. Taival will enable customers to release the power of the Tangible Growth platform in making strategy collaborative and execution effective.

“We are excited and privileged to partner with Taival in enabling more companies to execute and grow. Taival's expertise and offering enables our customers to get the support and guidance all the way from strategy formulation to continued agile execution and change capability, allowing them to outcompete their peers”, said CEO Juuso Hämäläinen, Tangible Growth.

“In times of discontinuity, businesses’ ability to execute their strategic choices with confidence helps capture competitive advantage. Together with Tangible Growth, we help make our clients’ strategies clickable, measurable, collaborative and dynamic.” said CEO Petri Salo, Taival Advisory Oy.

About Tangible Growth

The Tangible Growth methodology and tool are built for modern organisations to fast-track strategy execution and build a high-performance culture. Tangible Growth combines technology with proven methodology to build change for capable organisations that are purpose-driven, aligned and excel in execution. Tangible Growth customers include SAP, Utopia Music, Flowhaven, and F-Secure"

Media Contact:

Tangible Growth Oy

Jaakko Kankaanpää
Growth and Strategy
+358 40 564 6909

Taival Advisory Oy

Pasi Mantila
Chief Growth Officer
+358 50 330 9992

March 14, 2022

The Big March update: Teams, Objectives and Insights

The Big March update: Teams, Objectives and Insights

This is a big one. We've got updates for Teams, Objectives and Insights. Let's go!

⭐ You can now follow teams

If you have a lot of teams you need to keep a track of or are just interested in following other teams, you can now follow them! Followed teams are visible in the main navigation menu.

✅ Request to join teams

When using Virtual teams you now have to possibility to join, and also leave, other virtual teams. The team leader can manage the members of the team and approve of decline requests to join. This feature is not activated by default, so if you would like to try it out get in contact with our Customer Success team to activate it for your organisation!

Contact customer success

🎯 Create long term team & personal OKRs

Previously you could only have company objectives that were planned for the long term (example a year) and team objectives were for the short term (example quarterly). Now you can also create team and personal objectives that are planned for the longer term period. Long term objectives however can only be linked to other long term objectives.

Learn more about creating Objectives

💡 Better visualisations in pulse Insights

We have improved comparing Insight pulse results to the previous survey. You can now see the delta and the breakdown of the answers.

Learn more about interpreting Insight data

👀 Better navigation density and icons

We’ve also slightly condensed the menu and updated icons

Other updates and bug fixes

  • You can now also change the OKR period from your Team Page 🎉
  • Team search can show same the team twice – Fixed issue where the same team could be shown twice in the team search if the search string would be a match for both the team's leader and the team name
  • OKR - OKR reverts back to original state in the UI after updating
  • Fixed issue where an update to an OKR (adding a new Key Result or editing a Key Result) might not be instantly visible in the UI
  • DFAC - Team leader sometimes missing in the member list
  • Fixed issue where the team's leader might not always be visible in the member list for the session
  • Context Sharing - Edits to text elements of context cards are visible after cancelling from the editor
  • Fixed issue where the UI would incorrectly persist changes to text strings in a Context Sharing Card even if the editor was closed without saving. The changes would revert back to the real state when refreshing from the backend