About us

We are a team of engineers, designers, change management experts and business enthusiasts. Having worked our fair share in different industries and areas, we are combined by the desire to create better businesses and a better world by enhancing companies’ ability to create and execute strategies in a sustainable way.

Our application and methodology helps you manage change whether it is building a hypergrowth culture, fast-tracking strategy execution or starting with an OKR implementation.

Our product

Our product and methodology is built for modern organisations wanting to fast-track their strategy execution and increase their change capabilities.

With our product you can:

  • Digitally enhance your change capability
  • See how your transformations are performing
  • Increase your clock-speed, agility and learning
  • Bring together people and teams
  • Scale change throughout your organisation

Our values

We believe that by having our core values in place, we can grow and develop a culture and ways of working that make our team, our partners and our clients happy, healthy and efficient. Our guiding values are:

We are human

Respect that we are different and value different things, are in different parts of our own lives, we falter, we make mistakes, we care about each other and support each other.

Holistic wellbeing

Being present and accepting; mindfulness, knowing our own fears, being at peace with ourselves and not feeling like we have to pretend. No ego trips.


Of own success, development, commitments, life, behaviour, results, living the culture. Be a director.

Always learning

Curiosity, open- mindedness, innovate, see failure as learning opportunities.

Positive impact

We aim for the betterment of our customers, their customers, societies and individuals, families. Humanity First thinking.


The foundation on which all else is built.

Our team

Sales & Customer Success

Growth & Strategy

Jaakko Kankaanpää

Transformation & Growth Director

Ville Availa

Lauri Siljamäki

CCO, Head of Value Realisation


Juuso Hämäläinen

CEO, Founder

Joona Joensuu

CTO, Co-founder

Sheryl Wong

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our partners

August Associates enables their clients to rise above the crowd and surpass their targets. Deep customer relationships are at the heart of delivering relevant strategic counsel that is a perfect fit for the organization and their business.

Not an agency. Not a consultancy. A Ghost Company.

Ghost helps their clients' agents of change with business design methods that help promote positive transformation and kickstart new thinking in organizations.

Strategy and OKR consultant with 20+ years of experience. Co-author of the strategy execution book 'Strategia arkeen OKR-mallilla', a very practical book on the Objectives and Key Results model of change management and change leadership and communication and the first book written in Finnish on the OKR model.

Our sole purpose is to support growth of our clients. We are your strategic partner, helping to foster your company’s foundations for rapid growth. We build long-lasting relationships and deliver highly personalized service, stripped of tradition and hierarchy.

Humap is a consulting company focusing on creating new and better ways of working for their clients through human-centricity and technology. With their help you can tap into the power of your organization's entire ecosystem.

NewNor is a Danish consulting company helping their clients in developing portfolio companies, project management, on boarding and implementation. With their practical approach to task solving, a strong focus on results and the people who are involved in delivering the value you ultimately aim for.

Taival helps organisations succeed with the emerging global trends and new priorities. We help connect the dots between business strategy, sustainability, ecosystems, data, and technology to drive sustainable success for all stakeholders.

Talentree helps their customers grow by offering a wide range of professional services and deeply understanding the client's business through long-term commitments. Visible and measurable results are at the heart of Talentree's work.

Vere Design Oy is a business design pioneer founded in 2015 with a mission to create growth for its customers by combining strategic expertise, future foresight and design thinking into a stylish and functional whole.

Our advisors

Harry Brade


Mikko Leino


Heikki Westerlund


Our locations

Image of Maria01 office

Helsinki, Finland

Tangible Growth
c/o Maria01
Lapinlahdenkatu 16
00180 Helsinki

Finnish Company ID: 2895395-4
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Lisbon, Portugal

Second Home c/o Tangible Growth
Mercado de Ribeira,
Avenida 24 de Julho,
1200-479 Lisboa,

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