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How to succeed with strategy execution and OKR implementation with no compromise on culture.

A case study of our collaboration with the Finnish scale-up Flowhaven.

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Flowhaven had ambitious goals for efficient strategy execution, and were convinced they needed OKRs as their strategy execution modus operandi. Willing and eager to start this change process and the company decided to seek assistance to speed up the process and avoid common OKR pitfalls. To ensure an efficient change, the company also wanted to move away from founder-led strategy and extend the leadership and strategic thinking more across the entire organization. With a proven methodology and supporting digital application, Flowhaven chose Tangible Growth to be their partner.

About Flowhaven
Flowhaven is a SaaS scale-up company with a mission to bring simplicity and visibility to the licensing industry.

Key outcomes

With the first 4 weeks

Bringing alignment within the leadership team and across all other teams

By following our Transformation Canvas® methodology, we were able to bring everyone on the same page efficiently.

With the first 6 weeks

Rollout of the Tangible Growth application

A smooth and fast implementation of our application including defining the onboarding process for new teams and people in the future.

With the first 10 weeks

Changing how strategy is created and executed in the organization

Taking Flowhaven from “a desire to use OKRs” into using them across the entire organization.

“The biggest revelation working with TG and creating game plans was the discovery of the interlocks. Of course, we ‘knew’ that no team works in a silo, but having the visibility of the interlocks, forcing us to recognize what we need from each other to be able to succeed, was eye opening.”

Hanna Raeluoto
VP of Operations, Flowhaven

Photo of Hanna Raeluoto

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Learn more about how we helped Flowhaven in their growth journey – in the implementation of OKRs and strategy execution with no compromise on culture – by downloading our case study.

“Digital Facilitation has enabled increased engagement of the team to the objectives and results. I believe this is because they get to be a part of the process, contributing to it and the results are shared in a very visible way. This makes everybody feel valued and the whole method of the Digital Facilitation is extremely well aligned with our values and culture.”

Sini Ågrén
Growth Manager, Flowhaven