Fast track your strategy execution with increased change capability

Built for modern organisations to build a high performance culture.
Taking the friction away from change initiatives.

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We make the giants agile and help the agile startups scale into giants

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A holistic approach, enabling continuous agile strategy execution and change capability development

We offer the combination of best practices, digital tooling and capability development to help you succeed

Best practices and methodology

Best practices and transformation methodology teaching you how to get the work done in the best way enabling a culture of transparency and hypergrowth. Aimed for Agile Strategy Formulation, Complex Change, OKRs, V2MOM, M&A Playbook, and Agile Operating Model.

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An enterprise platform you love to use

Plan, align, untangle, drive and track your strategy execution with our powerful digital suite: GDPR compliant, ISO27001 certified, SSO, and HR integrations.

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Advisory and capability development

For change capability and strategy execution delivered through our extensive partner network. We also offer help for executive sparring in scaling your organization with the human elements of change.

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Together we solve some of your most important strategic challenges

We know a tool alone will not solve the topics, so we productized the necessary mindset, thinking and leadership approaches that you can adopt and adapt to fit your need.

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Strategy Execution

Successfully execute strategic plans quarter over quarter and year over year with our unique digital solution and methodology.

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Digital Transformation

Drive an integrated and holistic digital transformation program that is capable to embed rapid changes. Track real-time progress and communicate the achievements throughout the organization.

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OKR resets or amplified OKRs

Succeed in your OKRs for OKR implementations, using our OKR canvases that help avoid and overcome the common pitfalls of most implementations.

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Drive new growth

Achieve your growth and innovation ambitions in a transparent and integrated way. Our game plans will give teams the clarity and direction they desire.

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M&A integration

Expedite the integration with clock speed with our best practices and M&A capability ramp-up. Unlock the key challenges and obstacles for fast and succesful integration.

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Agile Operating Model

Continuously delivery of value, always in beta with regular release cycles. Improvements are based on interaction and feedback by teams with autonomy. With our SaaS technology as the back-bone.

A powerful digital suite to fast track strategy execution

Supported by our best practice canvases and transformation methodology

Learn more about our app ->Screenshot of Tangible Growth application
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Share context with your organization

Create and share your strategy execution plans with your organization using Game Plans

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Simplify complex change communication

Ensure common understanding and sentiment across your organization on complex changetopics

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Boost transparency & psychological safety

Digitally facilitate conversations with your teams in a way that increases transparency and creates psychological safety

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Track team & organization objectives

Set and track organization and team level objectives

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Coordinate complex cross-team tasks

Manage outputs, milestones and dependencies on complex topics across teams and units

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Harness insights for transformation success

Gain insights from your organization around transformations or engagement

See how Flowhaven succeeded with OKR implementation and strategy execution

“..The Tangible Growth application and methodology is supporting that change, our culture and scaling..”

Photo of Hanna Raeluoto

Hanna Raeluoto
VP of Operations at Flowhaven

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View Flowhaven case study ->

See how Elcoline achieved 20% organic growth and a new market entry

“..[TG] helps me to understand how we are achieving our strategic goals and whether support is needed somewhere.”

Photo of Leif Backman

Leif Backman
CEO of Elcoline

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View Elcoline case study ->

Proven by numbers

We see consistent improvements in our customers organisations. The most common ones being; significant increase in eNPS, ability to change faster, cost savings and a boosted confidence in strategy execution.


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Reduction in transformation time

In leading complex change involving changes in mindset, organisation structure, efficiency, business cases realise faster, strategy and changes become more self-healing due to faster cycle time.


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Cost saving

Increased efficiency as a share of revenue and cost per transaction. Eliminate waste, double work, get people excited about continuous improvement.


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Significantly improve employee engagement. Reduce churn.


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Improvement in execution confidence on Likert scale

Better understanding of customers, faster response to opportunities and threats in the market, improved innovation and stretch goals.

* based on 20 customers over 3–4 years of using TG

What our customers have to say

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"Tangible Growth, with their change methodology and SaaS application, is helping us increase our clock speed and rapidly align ourselves against changing situations and onboard people into our mission faster. We are confident Tangible Growth is bringing concrete help to our execution capability in a strategically important initiative. Tangible Growth is also helping us expedite the integration of Signavio into our family. We are able to move like an agile startup with the muscle of the big giants making the best of both worlds.”

Photo of Rami Akkad

Rami Akkad
Senior Director, SAP Business Process Intelligences

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"Clarifying the main focus and objectives, shows the relationships between objectives and key results, showing the big picture"

Photo of Mika Huovinen

Mika Huovinen
CEO at Arosystems

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“The feature I use the most in the TG app is the leadership team view of the ongoing quarter as well as the status of our key results. These help me to understand how we are achieving our strategic goals and whether support is needed somewhere.”

Photo of Leif Backman

Leif Backman
CEO at Elcoline

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“Today Game Plans and Digital Facilitation are an important part of our collective understanding and scaling. Additionally, feedback is gathered from the team to constantly iterate the process. We feel that it’s vital not to get stuck as different ways of working are suitable at different stage of the company. The Tangible Growth application and methodology is supporting that change, our culture and scaling.”

Photo of Hanna Raeluoto

Hanna Raeluoto
VP of Operations at Flowhaven

The best time to improve your future is now

Whether your challenge has to do with scaling the processes and operating model of a hypergrowth company, excelling in strategy execution, navigating an M&A process successfully, or implementing and leading with OKRs, following the TG approach and using our platform gives you concrete value from day one.

Book a quick product tour to see how we can help you succeed

You can get a quick overview of our tools capabilities and methodology and we can answer any questions you might have.

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Use our Transformation Canvas to clarify and succeed in change

Clarification of the strategic choices to easily executable form, including gap-analysis, target setting, and storytelling. The canvas can be used for example North Star Vision or from next funding round targets as a future-back exercise.

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Operationalise OKRs on a unit and team level with our OKR Canvas

The canvas is designed to help you think about what you need to put in place before your OKR rollout to ensure effective planning.

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