From purpose to impact

Fast track your transformation execution by 50%

By using our enterprise SaaS app built around our modern transformation model and OKRs.

We help companies become more purpose driven and better at adapting to the continued speed of change - increase their clock speed if you may.

A transformation to high execution culture has never been as simple and rewarding to execute.

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Companies can improve their strategy and transformation execution times up to 50%

Fast track your transformation execution

A productised transformation leadership model delivered through an enterprise-grade SaaS app. Practical tools and templates for active context sharing and communicating the change. These tools help make the change very tangible for employees.

Align your organization’s understanding and objectives

Ensure everyone in your organization interprets the strategy and direction of change in the same way. Even when there are considerable changes happening in the industry be able to turn high level objectives into aligned tangible outcomes on a team and individual level to significantly increase the speed of execution.

Digitally enhance your culture transformation

Culture transformation has often been considered the task of HR and something that is very difficult to execute and measure. Organizations using TG can closely tie together the desired culture and business direction and so directly measure the effectiveness of the behavioral and mindset shifts necessary to execute the chosen direction.


Effortless to take into use, start small and expand through your organization

Enterprise-grade platform that your IT and security teams will love

We take security and privacy seriously and are compliant with both the EU GDPR as well as ISO27001 information security certification - for the whole company, unlike most SaaS providers that simply run on certified infrastructure. We believe in the value we provide so much that the contract has been created as a low-risk, no lock-in period contract that is evergreen. We have received praise from a 300,000 company procurement and infosec teams - generally our software is very easy to buy and take into use.

Executive coaching, transformation support from senior executive advisors

Continuous transformation and radical transparency are cultural topics more than tooling topics - our seasoned experts are at your disposal for sparring and coaching. Whilst we offer the support for a few senior individuals in the company, we have a wide partner network available to support with larger transformation leadership or capability development needs.

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