A powerful digital suite to fast track strategy execution

Streamline Agile Strategy & Execution

Plan your agile strategy and transformation execution using best practice canvases

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Share context with your organization

Create and share your strategy execution plans with your organization using Game Plans

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Simplify complex change communication

Ensure common understanding and sentiment across your organization on complex change topics

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Boost transparency & psychological safety

Digitally facilitate conversations with your teams in a way that increases transparency and creates psychological safety

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Track team & organization objectives

Set and track organization and team level objectives

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Coordinate complex cross-team tasks

Manage outputs, milestones and dependencies on complex topics across teams and units

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Harness insights for transformation success

Gain insights from your organization around transformations or engagement

Maximize the success of your strategic direction and aligned execution

Define and communicate your strategy throughout your organisation with Game Plans. Define and align goals with OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). Untangle the obstacles and dependencies in execution. Track and stay up to date on how your strategic goals and outcomes are progressing. Reflect and learn as a team.

Align and accelerate your execution with Game Plans

Define your company’s vision, purpose, and strategy with Game Plans. Teams translate, interpret and align Game Plans into short- and long-term priorities for their specific business areas.

Track and align your strategic goals with OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)

Understand how your strategic goals are progressing and identify where help is needed.

Resolve open questions and strategic decisions rising from the execution

Ensure teams run necessary facilitated conversations and make sense on their level

Gather insights across your organization to see individuals perspectives and level of clarity

Minimize your time to value and time to insight

See the status and health of your teams goals enabling quicker and better-informed decision making.
Keep everyone on track and aligned on progress.

Update status and confidence level of your goals and commitments

Keep your goals and commitments up to date and identify when help is needed.

Get an overview of the health of your organization's goals

See how well your strategic goals are progressing and get notified when help is needed. Adapt faster to market changes.

Ensure organizational learning and team retrospectives take place

Use Digital Facilitation to facilitate retrospectives within teams and set and define questions the organization needs to align on.

Increase employee engagement and commitment to your strategy

People have a clear understanding of direction and see how their work is connected to the bigger picture.
Teams are more commited when they are able to interpret your strategy and set their own goals.

Resolve open questions and strategic decisions rising from the execution

Use Digital Facilitation to facilitate discussions within your teams and use Individual Insights to have your finger on the pulse (eNPS, CSAT).

Get commitment to your strategy from teams with Game Plans

Teams interpret and create aligned OKRs and agree on an execution plan.

Stay informed and updated directly through our Slack integration

Update your OKRs directly from Slack and stay informed on progress.

Digitally enhance your organization's agility and change capability

The ability to out-learn and out-adapt your competition is the only source of sustained competitive advantage.

Understand the change and ensure everyone is onboard

Clarify your strategic choices in an easily executable form, including gap-analysis, target setting, and storytelling

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“..We are able to move like an agile startup with the muscle of the big giants making the best of both worlds..”

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Rami Akkad
Senior Director,  SAP Business Process Intelligence


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Improvement in speed of change

In leading complex change involving changes in mindset, organisation structure, efficiency, business cases realise faster, strategy and changes become more self-healing due to faster cycle time

* based on 20 customers over 3–4 years of using TG

Build a high-performance culture

Define decision making principles, roles and responsibilities, behaviours, policies and guidelines.

Support for founders and seasoned executives

We offer help for executive sparring in scaling your organization with the human elements of change.

Training and workshops for your organization

Increase your teams capabilities with workshops and training on our methodologies, OKRs and Strategy Formulation.

The best time to improve your future is now

Whether your challenge has to do with scaling the processes and operating model of a hypergrowth company, excelling in strategy execution, navigating an M&A process successfully, or implementing and leading with OKRs, following the TG approach and using our platform gives you concrete value from day one.

Book a quick product tour to see how we can help you succeed

You can get a quick overview of our tools capabilities and methodology and we can answer any questions you might have.

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