Fast track your strategy execution

The way we run organi-sations is broken

Great organisations communicate that it is their people who make the organisation great through their shared values, seniority behaviours, and culture.

Leaders who have a focus on the human element of change realise results can be reached significantly faster than those who solely prioritise hard indicators.

Most strategies fail to meet their goals

70% of change efforts fall short of desired results.

A culture which engages and motivates individuals is needed now more than ever and when this is combined with a good capability to adapt, organizations will not just keep pace with the changing environment - but will be ahead of the game.

When strategy becomes a verb it turns into daily actions and daily decisions.

Ops plans and strategy are disconnected

Strategy is stored in PowerPoint, sent out in the email, and then forgotten.

A key challenge with transformations is that often there is a shotgun approach to communication which involves centralised messaging and then repeating the message over and over — not taking into account that change typically needs to happen in a tangible way on a team and individual level.

Lack of purpose and sense of meaning

Everyone expects transparency and purpose.

Transparency and good communication are essential elements in any strategy execution since they help people get involved, engaged, and aligned.

Everyone will more easily meet their own goals when there is clarity in what they are supposed to do and in how they do it.

Using Tangible Growth ROI in concrete cases

By taking Tangible Growth into use you can save costs, increase your organisational clock speed and increase employee engagement.



Increased efficiency as a share of the revenue
and cost per transaction



Reduction in transformation time when requiring a mindset shift and new ways of working



Superior turn in employee engagement in the target unit

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