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Digital Facilitation

Aligned communication within your team

Digital Facilitation is a way to digitally facilitate a conversation for your team. Define a topic, then a set of questions - people answer and vote anonymously on what they feel is most important or relevant.

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Align communication

Ensure understanding and buy-in to topics rather than simply one-way communication or informing people. Gather efficient and quick feedback on a topic.
  • 🔥 Higher employee engagement + reduced churn.

Run retrospectives

Run a retrospective for instance for the quarterly OKRs. Gather views and input from the team.
  • 🔥 Ask for opinions and decide as a team what is most important
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Empower feedback

Seek common alignment on your chosen topic and gather the team’s feedback. Facilitate discussion around the answers most voted for.
  • 🔥 Everyone has an equal say
  • 🔥 All responses are equal and valid - there is no power distance and the loudest opinion doesn’t dominate

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