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The single source of truth for strategy

Share the context of the big picture, so everyone understands what the future will look like and why you’re heading in that direction.

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Share your future vision

Move your strategy from outdated PowerPoints to a digital platform. Share the context of what your future looks like and how you’re planning to get there
  • 🔥 Realtime context sharing of strategy
  • 🔥 Strategy in one place
  • 🔥 Shared understanding of the big picture

For modern organisations

A single source of truth to keep everyone informed and up to date all the time.
  • 🔥 To share your Purpose, values, mission, strategy
  • 🔥 To share your transformation programs
  • 🔥 To share your focus areas
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For ecosystems

Share understanding of the big picture and how it’s all connected.
  • 🔥 Topline improvements
  • 🔥 Faster response to market changes

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Order our book on implementing OKRs written by Juuso Hämäläinen (Founder and CEO of Tangible Growth) and Henri Sora. Now available in French and English.