Benefits for Enterprises

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With the speed of change and complexity, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for enterprises to steer the ship in an agile way. Strategies fail to meet their goals and employees expect transparency and purpose in their work.

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Proven impact

By taking Tangible Growth into use you can save costs, increase your organisational clock speed and increase employee engagement.



Increased efficiency as a share of revenue and cost per transaction



Reduction in transformation time when requiring a mindset shift and new ways of working



Superior turn in employee engagement in the target unit

Many organisations create a PowerPoint deck detailing their strategy, send it out and then call it a day

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Share and align your strategy with remote teams in real-time

With Context Sharing, you have a single source of truth for your strategy and you’ll have the confidence to react to market change within days and weeks. Move from outdated PowerPoints or Excels to a digital tool that helps you share the big picture with everyone.
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A phone with TG application running on it.
A phone with TG application running on it.

Visualise the impact you have and how it is connected to the bigger picture

With OKRs you can align your teams around shared goals and values. Your organisation is more effective when everyone is working towards a common goal. People feel more connected when they can see how their work is contributing the bigger picture.
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Experiences from our customers

"Clarifying the main focus and objectives, shows the relationships between objectives and key results, showing the big picture"

Mika Huovinen, CEO,  Aro Systems

"Tangible Growth, with their change methodology and SaaS application, is helping us increase our clock speed and rapidly align ourselves against changing situations and onboard people into our mission faster. We are confident Tangible Growth is bringing concrete help to our execution capability in a strategically important initiative. Tangible Growth is also helping us expedite the integration of Signavio into our family. We are able to move like an agile startup with the muscle of the big giants making the best of both worlds.”

Rami Akkad, Senior Director, SAP Business Process Intelligence

We make the giants agile and help the agile startups scale into giants 

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Order our book on OKRs and Strategy

Order our book on implementing OKRs written by Juuso Hämäläinen (Founder and CEO of Tangible Growth) and Henri Sora. Now available in French and English.