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Individual Insights

Understand how people feel

Individual Insights start a dialogue and give you understanding on how people feel about a certain topic. All answers are anonymous and once the survey ends all responses become immediately visible to everyone.

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Gain insights

Ask for an insight from the organisation as a whole; or from a single team or unit within a transformation program. The individual insight is the start of the dialogue and provides rich information for organisations. Insights can be one-off or re-occuring pulses.
  • 🔥 You may choose to ask for and then act on efficiency improvements

Measure engagement levels

You want to gain insights on a topic to see how people are feeling. Measure engagement levels and act to make a positive change.
  • 🔥 Find out how people are feeling and then respond
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Pulse surveys

Make re-occurring pulse surveys.
  • 🔥 NPS
  • 🔥 CSAT
  • 🔥 Multiple choice
  • 🔥 Open text
  • 🔥 Quad

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