Benefits for hypergrowth companies

Hypergrowth companies run on our platform and methodology​

Manage your growth with the right balance of structure and speed through our Minimum Viable Structure®. Scale founder-based knowledge across your teams and empower your organization for efficient strategy execution with our application.

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The challenges of managing hypergrowth

Navigating a company on a hypergrowth trajectory means dealing with uncertainty and challenges of rapid scaling on a daily basis.

How to onboard new-joiners fast enough?

Share the context, vision and priorities to new team members rapidly.

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How to share knowledge from founders and leadership?

Empower the organization with a shared understanding of your direction and goals.

How to optimize processes and structure?

Succeed in the balancing act between agility, ad hoc and slowness.

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How to nurture a transparent, high-execution culture?

Crack the code of scaling culture in a healthy way with no compromise on efficiency.

How to keep focus in the essential and avoid confusion?

Stay aligned and avoiding silos in the constant flow of new people, new teams, new companies and new markets.

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How to manage funding round expectations and daily operations?

Spend less time on creating reports and communication and more time on optimising the reality.

Create a Minimum Viable Structure®

To manage the dilemma of how to scale company processes and structure in alignment with the need to rapid growth we developed the Minimum Viable Structure®. This sits between a minimum structure, which during rapid growth tends to become ad hoc; running around without a clear focus, and a too rigid, bureaucratic structure where rules and controls override efficiency and engagement. Our Minimum Viable Structure® brings agility and speed with a clear direction for the entire organization.

Minimum structure

Friction, confusion, burnout, anarchy, ad hoc, recklessness

Lack of clear ways of working and structure for decision-making tends to lead to ad hoc behaviors and chaos. Reactive over proactive.

Minimum Viable Structure®

Optimal flow and engagement, agility, speed

Always in beta – release often, improve based on feedback and expect things to break sometimes. Provide the North Star and trust people to know how to navigate.


Friction, confusion, apathy, rigid

Rules and controls are overwhelming and often become disconnected from value creation. Basic belief is that employees cannot be trusted.

An app to support the day-to-day

Having the Minimum Viable Structure® in place, what hypergrowth organizations need help with is how to make sure things keep happening in the right way in the day-to-day with multiple and rapid changes happening constantly. For this, we developed our TG application to accompany our methodology and help you manage change, build and maintain a hypergrowth culture, fast-track your strategy execution, clarify your interlocks and dependencies, or start an OKR implementation.

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OKRs for aligned goals with forward looking confidence​

Success is not about the strategy. It’s about aligned execution​. We support your journey of OKR implementation and optimization.

Ensure people have a say and can contribute to the changes

Empower your talents to be part of the change and growth through Digital Facilitations. A feature designed to work seamlessly in both on-site and remote work settings.

Gain clarity and understand your interlocks

Visually see how your organization is working towards the same objectives and which teams and topics are depended on each other with the help of Game Plans.

Growth and scaling powered by us

Why our clients choose to work with us?

We offer a holistic solution for your operating model, not only a single-point solution

Our approach and application is designed for all strategy and execution alignment topics in the organization; communicate  the direction and context, ensure alignment and sense-making, transparently track company and team level OKRs and game plans.​Keep a pulse on the organization’s execution clock speed and engagement.​

Our clients, on average, see value from working with us after 3 weeks

Following our own Minimum Viable Structure® we roll-up our sleeves with you and get to work. Starting with workshops and onboarding we ensure alignment of leadership and teams while simultaneously rolling out our application for you to have the daily support in a digital form.



Increased efficiency as a share of revenue and cost per transaction



Reduction in transformation time when requiring a mindset shift and new ways of working



Superior turn in employee engagement in the target unit



Doing more of the right things and achieve a quicker reduction in waste

What our customers think

“Today Game Plans and Digital Facilitation are an important part of our collective understanding and scaling. Additionally, feedback is gathered from the team to constantly iterate the process. We feel that it’s vital not to get stuck as different ways of working are suitable at different stage of the company. The TG app and methodology is supporting that change, our culture and scaling.”

Photo of Hanna Raeluoto

Hanna Raeluoto
VP of Operations at Flowhaven

Helpful reading

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OKRs, aka Objectives and Key Results, are an effective and hugely popular way of leading change. Paradoxically, they are not about the metrics themselves. They're about the focus and status of your change. Their meaning is to facilitate fact-based reflection and dialogue on are you moving to the right direction, how far you’ve gone and are any corrections needed.

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Manage change with our Transformation Canvas®

Clarify 'what good looks like and how to get there' with our Transformation Canvas® which helps identify and build the capabilities needed for successful and lasting change.

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