Taking OKRs into use

Bring your change alive with OKRs

OKRs, aka Objectives and Key Results, are an effective and hugely popular way of leading change. They’re used by many of the world’s leading organisations, and new users are joining in constantly.

Whether you are just starting your journey with OKRs or already an advanced user we’ve got you covered!

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Objectives and Key Results

OKRs show you the reality

Paradoxically, OKRs are not about the metrics themselves. They're about the focus and status of your change. Their meaning is to facilitate fact-based reflection and dialogue on are you moving to the right direction, how far you’ve gone and are any corrections needed. That’s where their true power lies.

Getting the most out of your OKRs

We’ve worked with many organisations to strengthen their use of OKRs in driving change and executing strategy. If you want to hear more get in touchand let’s have a short chat.

Tangible way to OKRs

TG uses OKRs to align objectives and activity throughout the whole organisation. They’re the main navigation signal that helps an organisation to move as one. Our app brings OKRs available to everyone in a modern and intuitive way, but most importantly they go hand in hand with everything else that is needed to steer a change effectively.
  • Create and align OKRs
  • Track and reflect on progress
  • Maintain situational awareness
  • Act early on deviations
  • Learn from the journey
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Download our OKR canvas

Plan, operationalise and implement.
Use our OKR canvas to help rollout OKRs throughout your organisation.
Download our OKR Canvas
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Order our book on implementing OKRs written by Juuso Hämäläinen (Founder and CEO of Tangible Growth) and Henri Sora. Now available in French and English.