Feel confident managing uncertainty and continuous change

Why most transfor-mations fail

Often organisations do not pay enough attention to explain either their strategy and strategic choices or the impact they will have on everyone’s work.

Strategy and daily work have so far remained firmly detached.

This is an opportunity – the opportunity to let go of the illusion that your strategy can somehow be carved in stone.

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PMO methodology is ill-suited for leading the human factors of change

You can't lead or transform a strategy - only people.

Lead, manage and empower people so they know they are the core of how an organization operates. Since people create an organization – a supportive and stimulating environment is your first priority - environment affects behaviors.

We are not cogs in a machine

A high-performing, sustainable organization ensures people can concentrate on work, free from unnecessary physical or emotional stress.

An autonomous and engaged workforce is led by great leaders who communicate to build understanding, meaning, and dialogue.

You need to holistically manage the human factor of all transformations, align and link those with the strategy, and people’s daily tasks and outcomes
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When everyone understands their role and contribution to the complete picture, they can make solid independent decisions and be more purpose-driven

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What does good look like and how to get there

Identify and build the capabilities needed for successful and lasting change.

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Experiences from our customers

"Clarifying the main focus and objectives, shows the relationships between objectives and key results, showing the big picture"

Mika Huovinen, CEO,  Aro Systems

"Tangible Growth, with their change methodology and SaaS application, is helping us increase our clock speed and rapidly align ourselves against changing situations and onboard people into our mission faster. We are confident Tangible Growth is bringing concrete help to our execution capability in a strategically important initiative. Tangible Growth is also helping us expedite the integration of Signavio into our family. We are able to move like an agile startup with the muscle of the big giants making the best of both worlds.”

Rami Akkad, Senior Director, SAP Business Process Intelligence

We make the giants agile and help the agile startups scale into giants 

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