March 11, 2022

The Big March update: Teams, Objectives and Insights

This is a big one. We've got updates for Teams, Objectives and Insights. Let's go!

⭐ You can now follow teams

If you have a lot of teams you need to keep a track of or are just interested in following other teams, you can now follow them! Followed teams are visible in the main navigation menu.

✅ Request to join teams

When using Virtual teams you now have to possibility to join, and also leave, other virtual teams. The team leader can manage the members of the team and approve of decline requests to join. This feature is not activated by default, so if you would like to try it out get in contact with our Customer Success team to activate it for your organisation!

Contact customer success

🎯 Create long term team & personal OKRs

Previously you could only have company objectives that were planned for the long term (example a year) and team objectives were for the short term (example quarterly). Now you can also create team and personal objectives that are planned for the longer term period. Long term objectives however can only be linked to other long term objectives.

Learn more about creating Objectives

💡 Better visualisations in pulse Insights

We have improved comparing Insight pulse results to the previous survey. You can now see the delta and the breakdown of the answers.

Learn more about interpreting Insight data

👀 Better navigation density and icons

We’ve also slightly condensed the menu and updated icons

Other updates and bug fixes

  • You can now also change the OKR period from your Team Page 🎉
  • Team search can show same the team twice – Fixed issue where the same team could be shown twice in the team search if the search string would be a match for both the team's leader and the team name
  • OKR - OKR reverts back to original state in the UI after updating
  • Fixed issue where an update to an OKR (adding a new Key Result or editing a Key Result) might not be instantly visible in the UI
  • DFAC - Team leader sometimes missing in the member list
  • Fixed issue where the team's leader might not always be visible in the member list for the session
  • Context Sharing - Edits to text elements of context cards are visible after cancelling from the editor
  • Fixed issue where the UI would incorrectly persist changes to text strings in a Context Sharing Card even if the editor was closed without saving. The changes would revert back to the real state when refreshing from the backend