April 11, 2023

Introducing Game Plans!

To succeed in strategy execution and driving transformations organizations need to ensure individuals in different functions and teams know and understand why and how to execute against the organization's strategy. After securing this understanding and moving onto defining the objectives, key results and tasks, we also need a way to manage and clarify cross-team obstacles and dependencies.  

To answer to this need, we have created a new feature: Game Plans.

Game Plans are execution plans of the company strategy.

They have core elements to provide a structure and focus for teams; to build a team identity, interpret the organization strategy in a meaningful way and achieve their goals.

What can you do with Game Plans?

➡️ Provide the context for teams and departments to share how they will contribute to the organization strategy
➡️ Improve transparency by showing everyone the methods used to move towards the shared goals
➡️ Manage obstacles and dependencies across teams and departments
Provide answers to strategic questions

You can formulate Game Plans as part of your function or team's OKR discussion. They are living documents dedicated for each area of your business and reflect their current focus. In Game Plans you bring together your vision, business targets, culture and change targets into one holistic view.

Key components of Game Plans

The Game Plan feature consist of main components. By answering to all of them you can create a holistic view on what your team is doing, how and why.

  1. Vision & Purpose – provide a clear and shared understanding of your team vision and purpose
  2. Values, Drivers & Principles guide your team's decisions and behaviors
  3. Obstacles & Dependencies – manage obstacles and dependencies that require collaboration and coordination with other teams or individuals
  4. OKRs set specific and measurable outcomes that keep you focused and aligned
  5. Methods & Commitments make specific commitments that drive action and accountability and identify and define Methods where to get help
  6. Specify what you will not focus on help your team stay focused and avoid distractions

Don't yet have Game Plans in your TG?

If you want to jump on the board of Game Plans, please be in contact with TG at success@tangible-growth.com, we will help you get started with few simple steps.