January 27, 2022

Listen to Utopia Music’s OKR journey with TG at OKR Forum 2022

Moving fast requires smarter goal settingUtopia Music running on TG methodology and platform

Our customer Utopia Music, CEO Markku Mäkeläinen will talk about their journey how to scale to a billion-dollar business and modernize the music industry by developing a new digital infrastructure.  

Utopia aims to make a better world for music with technology and empower the music industry.  To make it more fair, transparent and faster in terms of royalties paid out with a simple goal: Fair pay for Every play - meaning that whenever and wherever a song is played, the correct copyright holder gets paid in a timely manner and receives a fair portion of the money paid out.  

Utopia’s mission is to create a trust platform for the music industry that collects, organises, and utilises music Data, enabling a Transparent, Fair and Data-driven industry. Fair Pay for Every Play.  

Join us online in listening how Utopia Music will achieve this mission.
The Optimize OKR session starts at 3 Feb at 15.55 CET.

Please check the full Programme and registration information below.  


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