November 9, 2022

💼 New case study with Flowhaven!

Flowhaven, a Finnish scale-up, was growing fast, transferring from one big team to departments, and the desire of the company was to accelerate even more. The challenge was how to grow from being founder led to being leadership team led and still maintain the collaborative company culture where everyone’s expertise is valued. It became clear that to achieve this Flowhaven would need to change their strategy execution system and they opted for implementing OKRs.

Knowing what they didn’t know, Flowhaven decided to look for a partner to ensure this change and implementation could be done with the maximum possible speed and fewest possible errors. With 
a proven methodology and supporting digital application, Tangible Growth was chosen for the task.

In our new case study we tell you how we helped Flowhaven change their strategy execution modus operandi to OKRs while honouring and strengthening their company culture and achieve the following outcomes in only 10 weeks:

🏆 Bringing alignment within the leadership team and across all other teams  

🏆 Rollout of the Tangible Growth application

🏆 Changing how strategy is created and executed in the organization

How our client describes the collaboration:

“The biggest revelation working with TG and creating game plans was the discovery of the interlocks. Of course, we ‘knew’ that no team works in a silo, but having the visibility of the interlocks, forcing us to recognize what we need from each other to be able to succeed, was eye opening.”

– Hanna Raeluoto, VP of Operations at Flowhaven

💼 Read more and download the case study here.

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Flowhaven is a SaaS scale-up company with a mission to bring simplicity and visibility to the licensing industry. Flowhaven’s end-to-end software allows modern teams to collaborate and communicate, creating actionable insights to support business development. As a company, Flowhaven values diversity, team collaboration and growth.