August 25, 2022

Tangible Growth partners with Vere Design Oy


Tangible Growth Oy


Tangible Growth partners with Vere Design Oy

Launching a digitally led joint service facilitating future-proofed business transformations

Helsinki, 26.08.2022. Tangible Growth Ltd and Vere Design Oy announced today that the companies have launched a strategic partnership helping customers in business transformation and strategy execution with a new unified and digitally led service.

This partnership enables both companies to scale their positive impact and ability to help clients in making strategic choices, bringing visions of the future into their everyday life, and building change capabilities.

Tangible Growth Ltd has developed an application built for modern organisations to fast-track strategy execution. Vere is a pioneer in business design, whose mission is to create future-proof, sustainable business for its customers. Together we can ensure our clients succeed in creating their long-term vision and sustainable strategies as well as executing them in a collaborative and effective way.

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Tangible Growth. One of the largest challenges in creating future-proof business models has always been building transformation capabilities and making sure that the required change is understood by everyone in the organization. By combining the expertise of Vere with the Tangible Growth application and methodology, we are able to offer organizations throughout different industries completely new tools for strategy execution and transformation.” says Daniel José-Hänninen, CEO at Vere Design Oy.

“We feel excited and honoured to partner with Vere in enabling more organizations to future-proof their businesses. Vere team’s expertise and offering enables our customers to get support and guidance to transform their businesses and be ready for the future. This combined with our software and methodology aimed at enhancing strategy creation, execution and building change capabilities will lead to a real competitive edge and positive impact not only for our direct clients but also for our society at large.”, says CEO Juuso Hämäläinen, Tangible Growth.

The Tangible Growth methodology and software are built for modern organisations wanting to fast-track their strategy execution and develop their change capabilities. The software combines deep methodological insight with advanced technology to deliver concrete solutions for managing day-to-day work in today's complex and ambiguous environments. Tangible Growth customers include SAP, Utopia Music, Flowhaven, and F-Secure.

Vere Design Oy is a business design pioneer founded in 2015 with a mission to create growth for its customers by combining strategic expertise, future foresight and design thinking into a stylish and functional whole. Vere's business consists of a consulting business and a community of over 1000 pioneers called Edelläkävijät.

Edelläkävijät® is a community of people interested in sustainable design and business development for the future, founded in 2020. Forerunners offers its members a wide range of future phenomena, blog posts written by experts and inspiring media from us and around the world. Members also have access to events and trainings, as well as concrete methods and tools to support their daily work.

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Vere Design Oy

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