March 13, 2023

👑 TG now integrates with Slack!

This feature has been one of the most asked for in our user community and something we also really looked forward to having ourselves. 

Now with the integration you can do the following directly in Slack:
  1. View your OKRs
  2. Update and share the progress of your Key Results
  3. Receive TG notifications and mentions in your Slack


These features will help you to:
  1. Stay focused on the rights things by having your OKRs at hand –attention and focus are hard to find these days. One way to protect our focus is to make sure we work towards our goals and don't get lost in too many ad-hoc tasks. Thanks to our Slack integration it's even easier to have your goals and priorities (OKRs) at hand at all times.

  2. Discuss and share – achieved that Key Result, facing some hiccups, or needing help? Simply update and share your Key Results directly from Slack; keep the right people informed and have discussions on the platform most comfortable for you.

  3. Receive all notifications in one place – having the possibility to direct also your TG notifications to Slack means you don't need to check multiple places to stay informed and to know when it's time to check your TG app.

🧭 How to set up your Slack integration 

Check out our step-by-step guide, where we'll walk you through how to set up your Slack integration. Our guide will help you get started with integrating our platform into your workflow, so you can stay focused on what matters most.

📋 Check out our Slack integration guide!